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Wild Coffee Canada

Ethiopian Wild Coffee - E-gift card

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Digital gift cards are available instantly via email when purchased. Gift cards can be used to purchase any Wild coffee Canada products from our online store only by entering the unique gift card code at check out. Gift cards do not expire. 

Give your recipient free rein by gifting them a card instead. Here's how to do it. Choose from $15, $25, $50 or $100.

  1. Purchase one of our gift cards by choosing from the drop down menu
  2. Receive a digital code when your order is fulfilled
  3. Forward the code to your recipient via e-mail


Wild Coffee Canada is dedicated to providing you with sustainably produced, ethically sourced wild coffee to fuel your wildest adventures every day. Our low-light forest coffee has been grown completely free from any chemicals and the people that collect and process our beans are members of fair-trade coffee cooperatives.