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Ethiopian Wild Coffee

Ethiopian Wild Coffee Medium Roast (8.8oz, 0.55lb, 250mg)

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Naturally grown wild and handpicked from Sothern highland forests of Ethiopia. Ethiopian wild coffee fantastic coffee blend has a deep spicy, floral, herbal, winey & dark chocolate flavour to satisfy everyone's taste, promoting authentic Ethiopian coffee flavours to the world.


  • Size: (8.8oz, 0.55lb, 250mg)
  • Roast Level:  Medium
  • 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Hand picked
  • Roasted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Blend of coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Ethiopia.
  • Ethically sourced


Wild Coffee Canada is dedicated to providing you with sustainably produced, ethically sourced wild coffee to fuel your wildest adventures every day. Our low-light forest coffee has been grown completely free from any chemicals and the people that collect and process our beans are members of fair-trade coffee cooperatives.