About us

ORIGINLINK INC. was established by an Ethiopian Canadian in November of 2021. We are the exclusive Canadian importer and distributor for the family-owned coffee roastery and exporting company, Fresh Agro Industry PLC of Ethiopia.

Being the birthplace of Arabica beans, Fresh Agro Industry PLC has been responsibly sourcing, roasting and exporting coffee since 2012. We are proud to introduce this genuine taste of 100% Arabica Ethiopian coffee to the world, with the aptly name brand, Wild Coffee. Currently, Wild Coffee is exported throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and now Canada.  We are excited being the first LINK to offer freshly roasted Ethiopian Wild Coffee to the Canadian coffee connoisseurs, straight from the ORIGIN. This is why we named our company ORIGINLINK.  

Ethiopia is the Motherland of Arabica coffee beans. Coffee has been growing wild in Ethiopia for thousands of years, predominantly in the southwestern highlands. Due to genotypic and geographical factors, altitude, soil composition, temperature, rainfall, topography and ecology, Ethiopian Arabica coffee is endowed with a unique spectrum of distinct flavors and an alluring aroma. 

We offer a freshly roasted special blend of Wild Coffee called “WILD BLEND.” This special blend is roasted to preserve the natural Arabica coffee taste. We use air cargo to bring our coffee from Ethiopia. This ensures you get freshly roasted aromatic beans with full-bodied flavor.